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Protect Your Children’s Futures

It’s the last thing parents of young children want to ask themselves: Who will take care of our kids if something happens to us?

With a simple, one-page document, you can appoint Legal Guardians for your children who can take over the important responsibility of parenting in case of emergency. Please contact Sarah Gubler at Gubler Winn Trusts & Estates to help you name guardians for your children.

Technically speaking, a child's guardian is made official by a court, according to California law. In a guardianship proceeding where deceased parents have not previously nominated guardians for their children, things can get messy. Parents and siblings and friends of the family may disagree about what the parents would have wanted for their surviving children. But a simple documents, prepared in advance, can inform the judge of the parents' wishes and bypass all of the messiness. For those involved in guardianship cases, it’s crucial to have legal paperwork set up in advance.

Naming guardians in advance also allows parents to specify their plan for their children. They may specify not only WHO why would like to parent their children, but also HOW they would like their children to be raised. A child's legal guardian does not have to follow such explanations of a parent's hopes and expectations for his or her children, but in almost cases a guardian will be relieved to have any and all instruction from their loved ones who have passed.

It is not easy to imagine anyone else raising your children. And yet, it is worth the short amount of time that it takes to think through this possibility, however remote. Then, please give Sarah Gubler a call to help you prepare the necessary documentation.

Having a hard time choosing a potential guardian for your children? Sarah can also counsel you through the decision-making process, helping you focus on the priorities that are most important to you. Sarah Gubler is committed to helping you and your family make the decisions that are right for you. Contact Gubler Winn Trusts & Estates today at (760) 280-2460 or

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